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Dirt M.D.TM is an uniquely formulated supplement that provides a tool for growers to get the most out of their fertilizer regimen by keeping nutrients localized, available and ready for uptake. Tracing its roots to India, this time-tested formulation uses a highly reactive form of humates and fulvates to do more with less.

Most Powerful Humic Yet!

1 gallon of Dirt M.D.TM makes 768 gallons of spray/drench solution!

Dirt M.D.TM contains ammonium humates & fulvates, a very reactive form of humics, that allow growers to use just 1 tsp (5 mL) of Dirt M.D. for every 1 gallon of water. This allows you to maximize return on your purchase.

Compare that to the competition’s 1 gallon containers:

Increases Nutrient Use Efficiency

Dirt M.D.’s major components  are humic (4.5% by volume) and fulvic acids (2.3% by volume). Both of these organic compounds have a large concentration of binding sites that allow them to act like “sponges“. They bind to not only soil and water particles but also to nutrient ions, thus localizing all these near the root zone.1 These complexes breakdown over time with microbial activity allowing for slow-release of nutrients.

This feature allows nutrient ions to not leech away but be present to allow plants to uptake them over time improving their use efficacy. This helps growers save money as their nutrient additions will go longer.

Additionally, fulvic substances, more active than humic acids,  are readily taken up into the plant through foliage and root systems,and linked to increased plant cell division.2

1 – Stevenson F.J. 1982. Humus Chemistry-Genesis, Composition, Reactions. John Wiley and sons, New York
2 – Sladky Z. 1967. Effect of hyumus acids on the growth of isolated roots. In Humus et Planta IV, 286-287

Unmatched quality

Our company specializes in providing humic powered products since 1982. An early formulation of Dirt M.D. was our first product launched in India in the 80s. Over time we have become experts at not only understanding the biochemistry of humic substances but also finding natural materials that can help enhance the efficacy of our humics.

Ocean Agro extracts and formulates Dirt M.D.TM 100% in our facilities in India. We have access to one of the very few freshwater based humate sources in India and have been using the same source for the past 40 years!

We control 100% of the manufacturing pipeline of Dirt M.D.TM from the source material to the final packaging thus being able to ensure a high quality product that will always perform.

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