Dirt M.D.™ uses its unique humic powered formulation to do more with less

  • Ammonium humates and fulvates – highly reactive carbon structures that bind to nutrients keeping them localized, available, and ready for uptake.
  • Proprietary micronutrients complexes that help uptake and avoid deficiencies
  • Two kinds of surfactants to provide complete foliar coverage and penetration


Dirt M.D.™ is sourced from ingredients that promote life

  • NO animal based ingredients or heavy metals
  • Soil bacteria grow in it organically
  • Includes plant sugars to feed your soil


Dirt M.D.™ is designed for ease of use; it can be applied in a variety of ways:

  • A great booster of plant health as a standalone drench/spray
  • Improve the performance of your foliar kelp feed by mixing in Dirt M.D.™
  • Increase the impact of your compost tea by adding Dirt M.D.™ before brewing
  • Promote nutrient stability and uptake from your nutrient reservoir
Fidel Lopez

Dirt M.D. is a great addition to my strawberry production program. My agronomist (Jose Ramirez) and I noticed a positive difference in plant quality and improved growth. This was confirmed when I held back using it and immediately saw a decline in greenness.

Fidel LopezStrawberry Farmer - Salinas Valley, CA

I soaked my rockwool in a solution of 3 mL/G of Dirt M.D. overnight before plugging my clones in. I went from about a 40% success rate to 100%. This stuff is amazing!

BrandonThe Grower’s Supply House, Sacramento CA
Jake & Olivia

[Dirt M.D.] has become a staple in all growth stages for us. It has become a go-to for our farm. We feel we can rely on Dirt M.D. to stabilize nutrient issues when uptake is uneven for whatever reason.

Jake & Olivia Farms of Trinity Forest, Trinity County CA

We have been using Dirt M.D. since we popped seeds on ALL of our gardens this year. The consistency of growth and results are AMAZING! 1-2 hours after feeding, the plants are praying!

MattOwner, Emerald Triangle Organics, CA

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